To apply for an account on MCC please fill out the form below. All fields are required to be filled out and please note that for students (bachelor, master students and Ph.D. students) we expect that you have consulted your supervisor before applying. Please notice that a short description of the computational problem for which you will use the cluster for is required. Furthermore it should be noted that the requested username cannot be guaranteed.
Affiliation must be set to "External" if you are not employed in the DES group at AAU, when you apply for an account.
User accounts are time restrictioned and the expriration date is based on your affiliation and your position - this is however only used as a guideline. Accounts can be prolonged for as long as needed and users will receive multiple email notification before we close user accounts (hence the need for a backup email adr., e.g., if you leave AAU).

Preferred username

Used for receiving username and information for getting started using the cluster

Used as backup e-mail in cases that can otherwise lead to data loss - e.g. when closing user accounts

Used for receiving password

Please select if you are an external contact or if you are employed at AAU

Description of what you will be using the cluster for

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